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The Bath Homeowners Association, located in Bath Township, Summit County, Ohio is active, viable and strong. The Association is a non-political, action-oriented organization structured to respond to issues and concerns that take place in the township which could affect the well being of our residents.

Quoting from BHA's constitution, "the Purposes of the Association shall be:

 l. To promote the health and general welfare of Bath Township residents.

2. To provide a forum for discussion of divergent views while maintaining the essential character of Bath Township, using the motto: KEEP BATH BEAUTIFUL.

3. To provide Bath Township residents with information regarding governmental, environmental and other matters of general interest.

4. To encourage friendly and cooperative relations with, and to participate with, governmental and other civic organizations within Bath Township.

5. To encourage and participate in Bath Township activities designed to enhance a sense of community among Bath Township residents."

For their $10 annual dues, members receive the Bath Homeowners Newsletter, notice of meetings and other pertinent information, with the opportunity to vote and participate in the organization's activities, including our Annual Meeting.

Summit County is in the process of implementing new costly Ohio rules covering the operation and maintenance of household septic systems. In addition to the above benefits, members with septic systems are entitled to a special reduced rate on an annual clean-out. For more information see our Septic Maintenance page.

BHA has no paid employees.  Volunteers who are interested in perpetuating Bath's lifestyle the way it is as long as possible do all the work.  Here's a list of our Executive Board Members and Officers.

Please consider joining Bath Homeowners. Go here to get a Membership Form.